Summer officially starts this week, both on the calendar and because for me, my school year schedule ends and my summer schedule starts.  I can’t believe how the year has flown by.  Like, whoosh.  It’s gone.

Now that I teach, I am really excited about summer again.  Let me back that up.  I have always been totally excited about warm weather and flip flops and sundresses and walks and the beach and sunshine.  Always.  Plus, in my warped little mind, this time of year is the official kick off to the Christmas season.

I know.  I am nuts.  I can’t help myself about the whole Christmas thing.  I mean the Hallmark ornaments come out the second weekend in July, which just happens to be right around my birthday (it’s like they know!!).   Plus the Hallmark Channel, has a whole marathon of Christmas movies one weekend in July. Not to mention, all of the fabulous Christmas in July sales and events that Michael’s and AC Moore have.  I can’t contain myself.  One of my favorite things in the world to do is go walk around the craft stores between July and December.  I love all the fall decorations and craft projects and the ribbon, and I feel double that way about Christmas.  Oh man, my little self is almost wiggling with joy at the thought even as I type.  I wouldn’t be so excited this early (wait, who am I kidding?  I totally would be!) if not for my trip to Michael’s this weekend and my discovery of their aisles upon aisles of fall stuff all ready out.  If you follow me on Facebook, you all ready know, that I literally danced with joy when I found this.

Anyway, as I was saying prior to my rant about my Christmas season all ready kicking off, now that I teach, summer is even better than it used to be for me.  The kids are so excited about warm weather and the beach and no more school that is contagious.  I get caught up in their happiness and it adds to my own.  I hear them talking about going to the playground, and I think to myself, “Man, I really want to go swing.”  So I figured, why not make a list of all the stuff I’d like to do this summer and do it.

Stuff I'd Like to Do This Summer

Summer Bucket List

Some of it, I have all ready done.  I can check off workout outside, take a long walk, make a new barbecue recipe, cook with fresh ingredients, bike ride, dine al fresco, grow a garden, try a new flavor of ice cream (except it was frozen yogurt since I can’t eat ice cream right now) and fro yo for breakfast. I will be able to check off pick fresh fruit after tomorrow, when I will be going strawberry picking, and next week is cherry picking week.  Not bad considering summer doesn’t officially start until Friday.

My favorite thing about summer, hands down, even over Christmas in July is being able to walk every day.  I am a compulsive walker and take my dogs on at least two walks a day in the nicer weather.  Just yesterday, we did a full 7 miles.  It was wonderful.  I love being able to spend time outside and smell the fresh summer smells of honeysuckle and grass.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summertime?  I would love to hear your favorite way to celebrate summer.  Leave me a comment or hook up with me on facebook and share your fun summer ideas.


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